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25 Apr 2017

Because I like to work with people

“My internet connection doesn’t work.” “I want to make a formal complaint.” “There is a small mistake in my contract.” Being in any situation that requires me to rely on

Cybersecurity - fraud traffic
22 Feb 2017

Better safe than sorry

Surely, everyone will agree with the statement that modern digital marketing offers infinity of possibilities when it comes down to the promotion of products and services. There are various channels

Autonomous car
13 Feb 2017

Autonomous cars: the present, the future and the marketing

One of the hallmarks of humans’ technological progress is making things that, while still serving mankind one way or another, do not need any of its members to operate. It

marketing-man-person-communication (1)
12 Oct 2016

How to generate traffic and leads through blog in content marketing activities

Sales is a challenging profession and blog gives the opportunity to establish and build relationships with potential clients. This is also a chance to build a positive image as well

Candidates running
04 Aug 2016

How to attract candidates with unique competences to your Company

We hear a lot about how the candidate should attract the employee with his impressive CV or behaviour during the interview in order to meet the requirements and expectations. However,

Micasa app
01 Apr 2016

MICASA: A Story Behind An App

Can being an avid, albeit malcontent, gamer and a hypocritical self-described male feminist amount to an idea for a society-changing mobile app? Yes, it can. Is the app (or the

Lego mini figures protesting in front of Big Ben against Shell drilling for oil in the Arctic
11 Mar 2016

Cannes Lion: 
Species Migration Map (part 3/3 – Changing The World)

Seth Godin, a famous marketing guru and accomplished author is of the viewpoint, that “…our job is to make change. Our job is to connect to people, to interact with

17 Feb 2016

The new dimension of the Online Marketing: the Bitcoin Market.

Actually the society  doubts about the current model of promotion in the digital environment, and the Marketers are more and more worried about this perception. By instance the recent statement