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Maria Dulnikiewicz

Managing Director at Performante. Responsible for developing strategic plans (planning and budgeting), identifying target markets and developing plans of action to communicate with them. Specialised in performance based online marketing, web &mobile campaigns, with a strong focus on effectiveness of digital activity. Fully involved in monitoring and analysing market trends & exploring ways of improving existing products and services.

Maria is a Real Madrid fan who travels a lot and does digital marketing, in that order :)

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30 Nov 2017

Is performance marketing for everyone?

The popular belief is that performance marketing is a very well-known concept. When I look at my Clients and Traffic Providers, I can see that everyone understands this notion slightly

Cybersecurity - fraud traffic
22 Feb 2017

Better safe than sorry

Surely, everyone will agree with the statement that modern digital marketing offers infinity of possibilities when it comes down to the promotion of products and services. There are various channels