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Positive employee experience starts with a pleasant onboarding - Performante blog
09 Jul 2018

Positive employee experience starts with a pleasant onboarding

When introducing changes to various HR procedures, it is very important to collect and analyse data. This article will not be a repetition of the basics you already know. This

Candidate Experience Performante - Tina Toutounchi
01 Mar 2018


„How would you rate your contact with a recruiter?” In the era of an employee market, low unemployment rate and the war for talent, most of you probably already know

16 Jan 2018

How your company can support young people in getting into the creative industry?

So, you want to hire young, creative and passionate people intrigued by the world of marketing, but you’re afraid that they don’t have enough experience? How can your company in

11 Jul 2017

Moving to a new office – case study by Performante.

“Don’t forget about your employees” First of all, I wanted to tell you why we decided to change the office and start our big project of relocation. Our old office

25 Apr 2017

Because I like to work with people

“My internet connection doesn’t work.” “I want to make a formal complaint.” “There is a small mistake in my contract.” Being in any situation that requires me to rely on