Surely, everyone will agree with the statement that modern digital marketing offers infinity of possibilities when it comes down to the promotion of products and services. There are various channels of reaching the consumer, which, if suitably planned and synchronized, can bring spectacular results which are easy to measure. Thanks to modern technologies, the scaling and replication of a working model has never been that simple, and reaching the target group is only a matter of its correct definition. There is a multitude of possibilities and one should be familiar with the most recent trends to choose the most efficient one. Thanks to agencies, media houses, and networks with global range, we can buy any amount of Internet traffic that will meet the budget and timing criteria totally.  The conclusion appears almost automatically: “the sky is the limit”.

Buying huge volume of Internet traffic is, however, risky. What is more, it is a serious risk. That risk appears even in the case of carrying out activity based on calculations in so called effective models, which should diminish the risk of an unwanted action, and protect the buyer from generating cost that would be too high.

However, this is not the case. In contemporary, digital world, more than ever before, we struggle with the phenomenon of omnipresent fraud. There is no brand that would not be in danger of “side effects” of massive traffic purchase and marketing its products or services. And if anyone from the digital world thinks that this problem does not concern them, they are grossly mistaken. The sooner they realize it, the better for their business.

Cybersecurity - fraud traffic

Today’s fraud is very sophisticated. There will be no use eliminating it using static (and often harmful for business) rules like : “Ban this IP,” “delete this source,” “do not accept traffic from Nigeria.” Such rules-based solutions will definitely not work as they are errored, very easy to pass and do not solve the long-term problem. Moreover, they distort the real results of activities carried-out, as we neither test nor optimize the traffic in the right way due to artificial/manual rejection of a certain portion of the traffic!

Have you ever thought about the activities you would indulge in if you did not have a problem with fraud? Have you ever considered how faster your business would grow if you  paid proper attention to the problem of artificial traffic and invalid transactions? Do you know how easier your cooperation with any business partner would be if you could properly control what you bought? And last two most important questions: in what way do you now measure the quality of the internet traffic you buy? What part of it is “low quality” in your opinion?

After depicting a bleak scenario and asking these serious questions (I understand you perfectly: you are a marketer and your goal is to deliver Internet traffic and not to limit it) I have good news: there is efficient technology, which will help you to fight modern sophisticated fraud! What technology am I talking about? About technology that will enable you to:

  1. reduce significantly volume of manual review (50-60% AVG). Important: significantly does not mean totally. And that is good! With utmost certainty,  I consider such a solution as the most effective one, as even the best technology will not be reliable if we do not confront it with human verification results from time totally time.
  2. unblock a huge amount (20-30%) of healthy traffic, which you probably block unnecessarily today (static, artificial, rules that are often outdated  that were imposed in panic when massive  fraud appeared)!
  3. get rid of the problem connected with artificial traffic, invalid transactions and chargeback. You will never get an empty click! You will never have to detract invalid transactions, because they will be banned before such an action is carried out.

Does it sound ideal? And yet it is possible! How?

There are solutions that approach the problem in a much more complex way; they go down to the nearest possible level of analysis and examine absolutely every possible element of a session, connections, devices and other traceable components (over 5000 data points!!!). They juxtapose received information and add historical data, and on that basis they dynamically decide every time on the quality and validity of every click. Everything happens on the basis of prediction, confirmed by statistics, so any harm for the business is not possible here.

Has a click from a mobile device that has not been moving a chance to be real? Does a registration form consisting of 10 different fields filled out in 3 seconds give us a real chance for obtaining real data? Does a user opening Internet websites without a flash plugin have a chance of being a real user? And what if we can measure it all at once and confront it all in a real time with 5k more data points? I think that the answer comes up automatically…

You will probably ask how expensive it will be to implement this innovative solution that I am talking about. Based on my own experience, I will answer that it will be much more expensive to use inefficient solutions.

Despite the scope of the problem of modern fraud and any other malpractice connected with buying the Internet traffic, I daresay that performance marketing can still be a no-risk and hustle-free model. Despite many incidents connected with affiliation networks, I daresay that they still can be a great source for purchasing traffic (especially if you are looking for volume!). I am totally convinced that everything that is digital is measurable and can be freely optimized. I believe in the rule of “quality first of all.” I believe in algorithms, profilers, and statistics. And that is why I protect myself and my clients from a demanding fight with fraudsters by using the most modern techniques of preventing fraud. Because I am a marketer that is fully concentrated on generating large volumes of high quality sales, but, above all, I feel responsible for the vulnerable digital marketing ecosystem.

Stay safe! :)

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Maria Dulnikiewicz

Maria Dulnikiewicz

Managing Director at Performante. Responsible for developing strategic plans (planning and budgeting), identifying target markets and developing plans of action to communicate with them. Specialised in performance based online marketing, web &mobile campaigns, with a strong focus on effectiveness of digital activity. Fully involved in monitoring and analysing market trends & exploring ways of improving existing products and services.

Maria is a Real Madrid fan who travels a lot and does digital marketing, in that order :)

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