We hear a lot about how the candidate should attract the employee with his impressive CV or behaviour during the interview in order to meet the requirements and expectations. However, the process of recruitment has the other side of the coin as well – the employers and headhunters fighting for valuable employees who are not actively looking for a new job. And then also to influence their desire to stay and continue cooperation with an organization. 

Employer branding is more important today than ever before. Employers consciously use marketing and company image to reach the right candidate with the job offer.

When you are looking for a candidate for a position requiring a high level of competence in industries where employers have to compete for workers (e.g. in IT sector) those issues play a crucial role. A candidate can talk with a few companies with an identical profile at the same time. Let’s assume that salaries and conditions are similar. In both cases he/she is applying for a similar position. Where, therefore, he will seek inspiration to make a decision? Of course, at the beginning that will be an Internet search. This is the simplest, cheapest and fastest solution. The decision is likely to be based on what it yields. Opinions, statements, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, forums, expert interviews with employees of the company will be an additional argument for him/her to take a job in a given company (or not).

The same situation takes place during the candidate’s decision process when applying for the position, sending a CV to a company or headhunter, or finding time for advanced and long recruitment process – especially when the candidate is not actively looking for a job.

HR departments observe the need for organising special promotional campaigns in the short term, but also long-term: planning policies in order to increase the attractiveness of the offer for employees. Therefore, this may increase the candidate’s attention given to the company e.g. encourage students to send their CV’s, start with a training but also to reduce turnover among those who are already employed. More and more companies decide to start employer branding activities in order to build and strengthen their positive image as an employer.

If in previous years, employer brand development was synonymuous with recruitment advertising, today employer branding represents one of the key components of the organisation’s overall HR strategy. Strong employer brand can be a powerful business tool that can connect organisation’s values, people strategy and HR policies to the corporate brand. Currently a cross-functional team works toward a common goal, Marketing Leaders discuss with HR in order to find the best solution.

Performante’s experience in cooperation with various companies allows us to indicate key success factors to encourage employees to apply to the company. There is no doubt, that you should have take a closer look at your target employees group e.g. how they spend time, which social media they like the most. At the same time it’s advisable to analyse the direct competitors and their ways of communication. Based on this research you will gain insights which are crucial to prepare (by internal marketing team or in cooperation with external marketing agency) your Employer Branding strategy.

Consistent strategy in social media, company website and/or blog, used infographics, videos, webinars and chats seems to be indispensable in order to build dialogue with the current and future employees. This dialogue through – for example – content marketing used in employer branding is not pushy (as in the case of traditional marketing activities and ads), but it helps to plan and lead content in such a way, as to attract the readers (your potential employees), involve them and build a good, long-term relationship.

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Iwona Żebrowska-Wąchalska

Iwona Żebrowska-Wąchalska

New Business Manager at Performante 

Iwona has over 9 years of experience in recruitment process and HR consultancy. She worked as Executive Search expert for multinational clients in Poland, CEE Region across all industries. Her experience is enriched by HR optimization projects.

She graduated from the Warsaw School of Social Psychology, specializing in Human Resources Management, Advertising and Public Relations.

She is passionate about new challenges, meeting new people, personal development, traveling.

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