Sales is a challenging profession and blog gives the opportunity to establish and build relationships with potential clients. This is also a chance to build a positive image as well as your expert status.

If you have a problem, for instance how to prepare professional application documents, find a new job and negotiate good salary – a specific blog should respond to this need and give you an answer. It should show how to do it (not just what to do) in the way that everyone can understand (show visuals e.g. videos, graphs). When you help others solve a problem, you invest in their needs, build relationships and you keep them reading. As your viewer continues, they are pushed down the buying funnel from interest and consideration to perhaps conversion and in the long term perspective loyalty.

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If you run a blog systematically then you also build a brand awareness. The blog is the simplest element of content marketing. But remember that the quickest way to kill your content marketing is to do nothing after you create your article. Some marketers think that content marketing is simply creating content. And then what, users will find the content? Organic traffic will increase, people will read it, convert, and we will get more clients? Unfortunately, this can be wrong thinking.

Creating content on your blog or other, separate page is only part of content marketing activities. The other part is promoting it.


Content promotion is just as important as content creation.

Besides paid forms (e.g. on Facebook, GDN), you should consider email newsletter, sharing in LinkedIn as well as cooperation with the influencers, because they redirect the largest number of traffic at a particular contents. If we for instance work in the field of digital marketing and we would work in collaboration with influencers and they then share with our content, we have much better chance to increase our followers. The power of influencers is huge because we all live in a specific community. The more influencers are dedicated, the greater chances for coverage and commitment.

Did you think about guest blogging? Why? It is the same reason, if you publish only on your internal medium you are close to a narrow group of recipients, which you have gained. In contrast, by publishing externally you have broader audience so you increase the range and build your brand (ePR).

Content marketing is also a chance to improve the chances of cold mailling. Let me give you an example, I read that one technology company is notoriously looking for employees from the IT sector due to huge rotation and I just wrote an article on how to gain and maintain employees as well as lead employer branding activities in this industry. By this article I can create a chance to build something more than a cold relationship.

This is not a generic message. The customer feels that he/she is in the spotlight.

You should check your target audience what they want to read and take care also of personalised promotions at various very narrowly defined target groups, so that each has a feeling that this is an article written specially for him or her.

Apart from the blog, what comes to my mind is a knowledge portal Performante has created for Annabelle Minerals: The site provides valuable content regarding health, natural lifestyle and cosmetic products. Thanks to such activities the brand is perceived as an expert in the field of mineral cosmetics, both among its current users and new female consumers who are looking for content on the topic of mineral cosmetics.
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Performante was also responsible for portal’s campaigns, using, among other tools, dark posts on Facebook. Users were presented with highly personalised campaign creatives. I especially remember amazing campaign which was addressed to women, who in the past two weeks have changed Facebook status from single to “in a relationship”. The ads communicated the possibility to learn 5 ways to sweep him of his feet at a date.The results have exceeded all expectations.

Thanks to your content on blog or other separate page you have a chance to change passive readers (followers) into buyers and speed up their decision-making path.

To sum up, content marketing generates traffic and a greater number of leads. It is a bilateral relationship – you give value, then the customer will be coming back, he/she becomes loyal and you can build relationships. I strongly believe that this happens only by quality, engaging and valuable content as well as being open for feedback.Sealing a deal. Business people shaking hands while sitting at the desk in office

Of course, if you want to make the grade, you need to produce better content than the average content marketer. Spend some time analysing your competitor and try to identify what forms of content they are producing poorly or missing. Use these holes as opportunities for your own blog.


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Iwona Żebrowska-Wąchalska

Iwona Żebrowska-Wąchalska

New Business Manager at Performante 

Iwona has over 9 years of experience in recruitment process and HR consultancy. She worked as Executive Search expert for multinational clients in Poland, CEE Region across all industries. Her experience is enriched by HR optimization projects.

She graduated from the Warsaw School of Social Psychology, specializing in Human Resources Management, Advertising and Public Relations.

She is passionate about new challenges, meeting new people, personal development, traveling.

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