Video Marketing is definitely one of the main trends of 2015 in Digital Marketing and it should be absolutely included in the Marketing plan of any company as it can create the right balance between communication and the visibility of a brand – allowing a company to inform the (potential) customers about the product or service that they provide, making demonstrations, involving the audience and creating the right interaction with the followers.

“When a dog bites a man, that is not news, because it happens so often. But if a man bites a dog, that is news”: which content is the best?

Under an emotional point of view, videos can be a definitely powerful tool in Marketing Communications as they have the potential to be much more effective than a simple text. When the audience is asked to read something, it is actually left alone – free to possibly jump from a paragraph to another, skipping parts and so on. For this reason, the delivered message could slightly differ eventually from the one thought by the company. Instead when a video is watched, the audience is kind of guided till the end: this is why it is fundamental to position the most important information at the right moment and, especially, before that a lack of attention takes place.

In order to do so it is necessary to provide a content that finds the right combination of creativity and amazement. Quoting J.B.Bogart from the New York Sun – “when a dog bites a man, that is not news, because it happens so often. But if a man bites a dog, that is news” – which means: be interesting and unique, deliver a news which will surprise your audience and catch their attention. Of course at the same time it is fundamental to always keep an eye on the strategy. As any digital activity, in fact, it is crucial to understand exactly which are the objectives that the company wants to achieve and how videos can concretely help in doing so. It is obvious that the perfect video probably does not exist: every target audience is different and presents its own interests and expectations – which should be correctly understood and satisfied, bringing the (potential) customer closer and closer to the brand. Because this is what really matters at the end.

The “Hero, Hub, Hygiene” Content Pyramid: a suggestion right from YouTube

In order to do so, YouTube – one of the mainly used platforms for Video Marketing – suggests to make a distinction among 3 different typologies of videos that are supposed to guide the (potential) customer through the sales funnel:

this video is aimed to catch the attention of a stranger who knows nothing about the brand and raise his interest over the product or service supplied by the company that is advertising. In this case the video must contains something really new and surprising that somehow starts creating a sense of brand awareness in the mind of who is watching.

at this point the stranger should be turned into a follower: the video in this case can have for example the structure of a series – bringing the user to come back and putting the basis for the establishment of a relationship.

finally, the lead should be turned into a real customer. The basic idea? Inform, describe, explain and convince the audience to make a purchase.

So to conclude and sum up: analyse your audience, focus on content and be original!
And what makes a Video Marketing strategy effective in your opinion?

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