Actually the society  doubts about the current model of promotion in the digital environment, and the Marketers are more and more worried about this perception. By instance the recent statement released by the IAB, looks for a way to combine the formats of promotion with the comfort of the users while they are surfing through digital content.

It is true that one of the factors that influences the crisis of the digital marketing are the formats used by the advertisers, but in my opinion we are missing the half of the truth if we point only to the formats.We are skipping a crucial fact: there is a lack of variety from the side of offer. The audience is careless about the banners or the content marketing actions, not only because they are invasive or artificial, because they are offering customs or services without variety or originality .  The range of apps, e-commerce and platforms available  is huge and the clones and imitators of the most succesful “recipes” flooded the market. We need new things to offer.

Bitcoin: The Game Changer.

And here comes Bitcoin, to save us. Bitcoin (despite of its controversial aura) is an innovation itself and even more important it created a new economy model. The bitcoin tenants are looking ansiously for, products and services paid on Bitcoin.  The entrepreneurs and developers realised this evidence and they started to supply this demand with new e-commerces, apps and platforms, that maybe are not the most innovative ever but they are filling the needs of a growing group of Bitcoin Owners.

The bitcoin environment has this  tendency to generate mixtures between traditional formulas and innovative formulas. For example OneHash, a sports bookmaker where you can bet on the mutual betting model ( the traditional method used in horse races betting)  where the users bet against other users,  without fixed multipliers, just keeping for Onehash a percentage of the total pot unlike the most of the digital bookmakers. The peculiar physiognomy of the Bitcoin allows this kind of ventures.

Is the time of Marketing

In the other hand, the marketers are in a very early stage regarding Bitcoin Market. The choices for the advertisers who want to promote their products among the “Bitcoinkers” are limited: Few RTB and self service media houses, small content marketing agencies and a desegregated colony of related blogs and websites offering their own advertising solutions.

Having in account this confusing ecosystem, a growing company interested in a fully integrated campaign must trust in an agency with knowledge and connections in the world of the cryptocurrencies. The scams are abundant , so the only way to expand a venue in the Bitcoin community is to create a valuable content marketing campaign among the media (for the reliability) and a performance marketing campaign taking advantage of the Impressive CTRs of the ads related with cryptocurrencies. This synergy within trustiness  and awareness is the key to success.


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