The most used social media platforms are constantly trying to find the best way to engage their users, for this reason changes are something we are getting used to. For instance, Facebook mimicked Twitter by creating a Trending section on its platform and now it seems like Twitter is trying to be more like Facebook.

Twitter has just replaced the Favourite button with a heart-shaped button and from now on it will be known as Like. As the say ¨we want to make Twitter easier and more rewarding to use¨. We can say that Twitter just got more emotional.  This is how Twitter announced their new button:

However not everybody is happy about these changes and many users showed their disapproval about them. Some of them claimed that the favourite button could have a lot of meanings, for example people used them as a bookmark. Sometimes it does´t mean that they like the tweet, but just that they will check it later. In general we don´t have to like what do we mark as favorite. Some people used them as a means of engagement, a nonverbal “thank you” or “got it”, or just an easy way to end a conversation. A a heart-shaped button may lead to misunderstanding, for example if we Like a new story about terrorism or a tragedy, due to the sentimental meaning.   Twitter Likes  What might it mean for marketers?   We´re looking forward to see the latest changes and improvements Twitter made recently, for example the Twitter Polls, and how they will affect our engaging experience. Vaynermedia founder and Twitter investor, Gary Vaynerchuck says this small change shows that Twitter is trying to increase growth and become a mainstream product (like Facebook), as he explains on his blog. It seems like Twitter wants to be more like Facebook in order to attract new users easily since they might find Twitter difficult to understand at first. What do you think of this change to likes and hearts? How did you use the favourite button? Do you think user will be more engaged with this new button? We’d love to hear any thoughts you might have here! Feel free to drop us a note in the comments.

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